Rachel Décoste is

My motto: "Let's be frank."

– Equity, Diversity & Integration consultant.

– Anti-Racism training.
– Black history in Canada, the Caribbean & Africa.
– Immigration Policy, Acculturation.

Get to know Rachel

Rachel Décoste is a writer, educator and social policy expert from Ottawa, Canada. Ms. Décoste has been a community activist since her youth, working with organizations such as Children’s Aid Society, S.O.S. Montfort Hospital, the Famous 5 Foundation, and the Black Canadian Scholarship Fund, to name a few. Her commitment has not been limited to local activities: she has traveled abroad to provide aid in South and Central Americas and West Africa. In 2008, Ms. Décoste worked on then-Senator Obama’s presidential campaign and again in 2012. Ms. Décoste was named in Ottawa’s Top 50 Personalities in Ottawa Life magazine’s 2010 annual edition. Ms. Décoste lived and worked in Washington, DC, where she honed her socioeconomic policy credentials while managing a national bipartisan tech education initiative on behalf of the United States Congress. Ms. Décoste was named to the Top 100 Accomplished Black Canadian women in 2018. Ms. Décoste has lectured on diversity and inclusion at several top universities in the USA and Canada. She has also offered anti-Black racism workshops for North American corporations and firms.